Chris Brown Shows His Body Transformation Over The Years In IG Post

When Chris Brown was released from jail in 2014, paparazzi shots showed that he was noticeably larger than he was before serving his 108 days for a probation violation. In a later interview, he confessed that he was insecure about the 35lbs that he put on while he was in jail, which brought his overall weight to 215lbs. This insecurity motivated him to start working out immediately and extensively. A year later, Brown was back to his old weight. 

Apparently, the R&B singer is still concerned with maintaining a lean and muscular body. Today, he shared a post on Instagram that compared how he looked in 2014 to how he looks today. The shirtless pics show that he has shed all the fat from that era and now boasts a toned physique. For the caption, Brown merely inserted a shocked emoji and a crying of laughter emoji, showing that he could now laugh about this time when he struggled with his weight. Brown has likely been able to stay so fit due to all the dancing he has been doing on his massive IndiGOAT tour for the past few months. 

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