Former Jet Life Affiliate Succeed Phlyguy Murdered During Home Invasion

In Succeed Phlyguy’s local area of Las Vegas, he was a popular rapper. After securing a collaboration with DaBaby and Stunna 4 Vegas, the 40-year-old artist’s star was rising, but it was all cut short after was he was murdered during a home invasion last Saturday. The Jet Life rapper, real name Ronnie Cravens Jr., was at home with his roommate, his cousin, and a friend when two men with weapons came inside by way of the garage. Cravens and a friend were said to be in the kitchen when the assailants kicked down the door and told them to get on the ground.

“[The roommate] said as soon as they kicked the door open after they told him to get on the ground that they jacked a rifle back.” Ronnie Cravens Sr. told KSNV News of the incident. “It’s a very devastating blow to any parent.” The rapper’s friend wrote a detailed account of the incident on Instagram that stated, “They told me a succeed to get on the ground. We were the only ones in the kitchen at the time, I got down, while getting down succeed said ‘oh sh*t’ and ran toward the front door. Shots rang out.”

He goes on to say that Cravens’s cousin began shooting at the attackers, resulting in a gun battle in the house where “30-40 shots was going off.” The friend played dead on the floor and waited for the gunfire to cease before moving. He was certain everyone was dead, but instead, he found Cravens outside on the lawn in a pool of blood.

The investigation is still ongoing and no suspects have been named. Succeed’s girlfriend shared images of herself with the rapper on Instagram and wrote, “I will do my best to stay strong for you and everyone. I love you more than anything. I can’t believe this right now. God help us all. I will do everything in my power to continue to push your music and your name.” Check out more below.