Cardi B's Got Mad Respect For Megan Thee Stallion: "She Got That Voice"

T.I. welcomed Cardi B as a guest on his beloved ExpediTIously podcast that had the “Money” rapper open up about female MCs making it big in the industry. Cardi’s appearance – as well as Chance The Rapper’s – came as no surprise since the trio are the lead judges on Netflix’s new competition show, Rhythm + Flow that sets out to land the next big hip hop star. 

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Cardi discussed the judging process and how she was looked at for advice when it came to the female contestants, admitting that she was tougher on the females because it’s that much harder to break into the industry. “You just have to have the total package. Not only that, you have to have that voice. A lot of females can rap, but they don’t have that voice that sticks. That’s something that is very important,” she said. 

Cardi explained her point further and explained how someone can have the “total package” but they simply have to have a voice “that sticks.” The “Press” rapper then used the biggest breakout star of 2019 as an example, none other then Megan Thee…

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