Mark Zuckerberg Reportedly Staging Meetings With Conservative Pundits

While once a prominent, beloved social networking platform, Facebook has since been dragged through the ringer time and time again. Be it a privacy breach or an influx of “fake news media” interfering with the narrative, many have since taken issue with Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild — not to mention with the man himself. Still, Zuckerberg has kept himself active, even as the public perception toward Facebook continues to plummet. And perhaps the ride isn’t over yet.

David Ramos/Getty Image

According to a new report from Politico, Zuckerberg has been holding “informal talks and off-the-record dinners” with prominent Conservative thinkers, influencers, and apparently even a law-maker. The report itself goes in-depth on the meetings, which seemed to begin as the result of damage control; it was believed that Facebook held a bias against Conservatives, a claim publically backed up by Donald Trump. Trump even threatened to sue Zuckerberg and Facebook, which one source believes spurred Zuckerberg into action.

The report quotes a senior Trump administration official, who says of the meetings that l“the White House is looking for meaningful steps from Facebook on a number of fronts,” including “competition, free speech for everybody including conservatives, and privacy.” As of now,…

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