White Woman Calls Florida Teen the N-Word Over Dropped Wrapper

Unfortunately, racist white people berating black people for living their lives has become so common that we have adopted a practice of nicknaming the offenders. In the same vein as BBQ Becky, we now have Pick It Up Peggy. 

Last Saturday, a middle-aged white woman lost it on 14-year-old Barry Henry outside a FedEx store in St. Petersburg after she saw him litter a gum wrapper. Barry was walking out of the store with his grandmother and cousin when he dropped the plastic, which he told reporters he intended on picking up. However, Pick It Up Peggy pounced immediately to attack. Barry’s cousin recorded part of the interaction and the video shows Barry uncomfortably smiling at the camera while the hysterical lady goes off. The video – which Barry’s sister posted on Facebook – captures the woman saying, “Nuh uh, don’t even act like that! Pick it up! Pick it up! Find it! Get down on your knees and find it!” When Barry silently ignores her commands, she pulls out the n-word. “No account little n—-r. That’s how you are. All y’all, no account f–king n—–s! Walk around here acting like something!” Once she notices she’s being filmed, she erupts again. “Film me, f–ker! Film me!”