Lil Kim Lights Up BET Hip Hop Awards, Performs Medley Of Hit Songs

The leading lady of the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards was none other than the Queen Bee herself, Lil Kim. The veteran rapper was honored at Tuesday evening’s award show with the I Am Hip Hop Award, and she mentioned in her speech that she once was irked with the network for not acknowledging her accomplishments. 

“I used to be a little tight ’cause BET ain’t never give me no daggone award,” the Brooklyn rapper said. Kim went to her godmother for guidance and said she asked her, “‘Yo, why they keep frontin’ on me? Why they won’t give me an award? I want a BET Award, too. I got plenty of other awards. Matter of fact, I got almost every other award. Why they ain’t giving me a black excellence award? I need that.’ I said, ‘I want that.’ She said, ‘Baby, those awards ain’t big enough for you.'”

She realized that this honor superseded anything she desired in the past, and she told the audience to “never underestimate God’s plan.” The spectators cheered throughout her speech, but when Lil Kim performed a medley of hits including “Lighter’s Up,” “Player’s Anthem,” “All About the Benjamins,” “Crush On…

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