Domani Isn't Playing Games, Delivers Bars On Sway In The Morning

The Valley of the Hyenas is an unforgiving place. Many have tried and failed to garner points from the tandem of Sway and Heather B, who remain tough but undeniably fair. Recently, Atlanta’s own Domani slid through the Sway studios to administer some bars, picking up where his cinematic Time Will Tell project left off.

Much like he was on his album, Domani carries himself with a careful aura of wisdom, choosing his words wisely and delivering them with confident gravitas. While he’s not exactly the flashiest lyricist, his words pack a punch nonetheless, and a fact not lost on Mr. Calloway. “They talk, I’ma listen cause I see the way,” he raps. “Way they smile when they try to throw my life away / but I smile back, showing all teeth / I used to want to close my gap but then I thought deep / see I don’t want my kids looking up, follow me / knowing that I changed my appearance cause words got to…

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