Gucci Mane Returns To Vintage Form With Breakfast Club Diss

Hell hath no fury like a Guwop scorned. Though married life has been kind to the affable East Atlanta legend, every so often we’re reminded of the Old Gucci Mane, to put it bluntly. True, he’s rebranded himself closer to wholesome these days, but lest we forget that this man once penned “Truth.” Perhaps the powers behind The Breakfast Club forgot about that when they opted to slam him with the ban-hammer, thanks to a notorious interview from the BC archives.


In case you missed it, the offense occurred when Gucci insinuated that Angela Yee had previously pined for him, going so far as to inquire after coordinates. Clearly, something might have ruffled Gucci’s feathers as he took to IG to remind the masses about the exchange. Angela Yee, who at the time denied the claims, claimed he was “back on the drugs.” Yet The Breakfast Club has oft-embraced the madness and this was no exception.

Today, the Radio Show took to Twitter to capitalize on the feud, posting a poll gauging whether Gucci or Angela was speaking true. Sadly for Yee’s honor, the masses stood damn-near unanimously…

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