Lil Wayne, Reginae & Ms. Cita All Smiles In Carter Family Photo

While news surrounding new music, and even the occasional antic, is well and good, sometimes a little bit of wholesome content can go a long way. Especially when one of hip-hop’s most treasured families, The Carers, stand at the center. We’ve long seen Lil Wayne and his daughter Reginae Carter show love to one another, making for one of the most rock-solid father-daughter duos in the game. Clearly, Weezy picked up a few parenting tips from his own mother Jacida Carter, known affectionately as Ms. Cita. 

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Today, Reginae Carter took a moment to share a tri-generational family photo, standing all-smiles alongside Papa Wayne and grandmother Cita. “You can see Cita, see the Cita in my features and she don’t play, neither,” captions Reignae, quoting her old man’s bars on “Playing With Fire.”

In itself, there’s nothing particularly breaking about this image. Yet it’s always nice to get a reminder that these hip-hop legends we revere so much are human beings with strong family…

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