LaMelo Ball Delivers A Demoralizing Ankle-Breaker During NBL Game: Watch

LaMelo Ball has been tearing up the NBL as of late and has been putting up some pretty impressive numbers. While there has been a bit of a stigma against the Ball family over the last couple of years, no one can deny Ball’s talent and everything he has been doing over the past couple of weeks. At this point, ESPN has him going incredibly high in the draft and some people think he might even be able to go number one.

Wherever Ball goes, he will certainly make an impact and so far, the Illawarra Hawks are feeling his presence immensely. In a recent video posted to Twitter, Ball can be seen putting the moves on an unsuspecting opponent who pretty well gets his ankles broken. It was a demoralizing play that led to a three-point dagger from the youngest Ball.