Kanye West's New York "Sunday Service" Led To Mass Walkouts

Kanye West has been doing a lot to promote the release of Jesus Is King over the last week. Despite these efforts, it doesn’t seem like the album will be released anytime soon as there is no concrete release date in sight. West has given very few updates to his fans and they are starting to get a little annoyed with him. In his mind, everything is business as usual and on Sunday, he took to the Greater Allen A.M.E Cathedral in New York City to give yet another one of his “Sunday Service” performances.

According to a scathing report from The Daily Beast, churchgoers were so offended by the content of his performance that they rushed for the exits before he could even finish. As the article describes, the morning sermon went just as planned but once their “special guest” was brought in, things went left. 

Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Guests like Kim Kardashian and other celebrities were given priority seating while the regular churchgoers were pushed back and could barely see what was going on….

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