Iggy Azalea Trolls Lizzo & Fans After "Fancy" Snub, Says It Was All In Good Fun

Things got a bit testy over on Twitter today after Lizzo encouraged her fans to help her in her quest to take hold of a new title. The “Truth Hurts” singer shared that if her hit song could hold onto its Billboard No. 1 spot for just two more weeks, it would become the “longest female rap #1 of all time.” In the same tweet, she shared that “Fancy” currently holds the title, never mentioning Iggy Azalea’s name in her message.

However, in a follow-up tweet, Lizzo did happen to shout out her friend and the singer responsible for the chorus on “Fancy”: Charli XCX. “Fancy is a BOP and my homie @charli_xcx is genius on it,” Lizzo said before she told everyone to stream Chari’s new album. It didn’t take long before Iggy’s fans accused Lizzo of shading the rapper, so the Australian artist spewed out a few tweets of her own.

“I could have sworn I was the one rapping that song but okay…” Iggy began. A fan told her that she was scared Lizzo would take her title, but Iggy’s response noted that Lizzo never mentioned she was even on the song. “What exactly am I scared of? I’m not on fancy only Charli is! She should be scared,” the rapper replied.

Iggy decided to show just how petty she could be and changed her Twitter photo to that of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, urging her fans to stream their song, “Señorita,” which currently sits under Lizzo at No. 2. After a posting and deleting a series of tweets, Iggy assured fans that she wasn’t being serious with her shady responses. “Listen, I’m down to be petty in the name of a laugh or two but in all seriousness I’m just trolling and laughing at all the funny replies,” she wrote. “I promise it’s not serious; at least not for me.”