Baker Mayfield Sticks It To Rex Ryan After Being Dissed On "Get Up"

Baker Mayfield has been receiving a ton of criticism so far this season and for good reason. Coming into the Cleveland Browns 2019 campaign, Mayfield was talking a big game and making some pretty large proclamations when it comes to how good his team would be. After starting the season 1-2, Mayfield started to feel the heat from sports media, including Rex Ryan who called Mayfield “overrated as hell” on ESPN’s Get Up!

Following these comments, Mayfield discredited Ryan and said if he didn’t wear orange and brown, then his opinion was effectively worthless. This led Ryan to wear a brown suit with an orange tie prior to the game. After a week’s worth of antagonizing, Mayfield went out and led his team to a huge 40-25 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

After the game, Mayfield was asked about whether or not Ryan’s disrespect motivated him to go out and win on Sunday. As you can imagine, Mayfield was pretty dismissive…

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