Trouble Allegedly Caught Kissing Woman In Club Prior To Split From Alexis Skyy

Things aren’t looking too good for Trouble at the moment. Yesterday, reports surfaced online that him and his girlfriend Alexis Skyy had broken up after the two were spotted in the comment section clapping back at one another, and now we may know why.

A source tells TheShadeRoom that Trouble was caught kissing another girl in the club this past weekend, and they got some grainy footage to prove it. From what we can see, the man alleging to be Trouble is seen kissing a woman in what appears to be the upstairs or VIP section of the club. It’s tough to make out entirely, but in another photo you can see Trouble was wearing a white dress shirt and his glasses, both of which look to be on the man seen kissing the woman in the video.

In addition to that, Trouble apparently went “missing” for two days too and was not returning any of Alexis’ phone calls. Who knows what he might’ve been doing during that time, but it was enough for Alexis to call it…

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