"Hustlers" Costume Designer Explains Jennifer Lopez's Barely-There Thong Outfits

The stripper film Hustlers has officially hit theaters which means fans of Jennifer Lopez have been treated to a whole new performance had by the actress/singer. Without giving away too much, the opening scene sees Jennifer set the tone of the movie with a stripper performance and her blinged-out g-string outfit was a masterpiece in the making.

The costume designer for the film, Mitchell Travers, opened up to Vanity Fair about the process of creating the outfit and the need to make it everything. “I knew that this was always going to be the sequence that needed to leave the audience with their jaws on the floor,” Mitchell told the publication. “I knew it [had] to absolutely floor the audience, and let them know that this is not going to be like any movie that they’ve seen before.”

Each fitting had to be tested out on the pole to make sure JLo could do every move without busting the hand-sewn rhinestones.

“I was bringing in…

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