Lil Wayne Cancels St. Louis Concert After Run-In With Police At His Hotel

Many were baffled when Lil Wayne announced that he would be heading out on an extensive summer tour with Blink-182. The complications that followed were somewhat predictable given the odd pairing. At the Bristow, Virginia, show in July, Wayne prematurely left his set after confessing that he wasn’t getting the best energy from the crowds and was considering dropping out of the tour. However, he clarified on Twitter the next day that he’d be staying on. Later in the month, he cancelled a show in Tampa, Florida, due to illness. 

Last night, Weezy was a no show once again at the tour’s St. Louis stop. Just a few hours before the concert was set to start at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, he tweeted that something went down at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel that would require him to skip town. “Sorry not doing the show tonight in St Lou kuz I was just kik’d out the ritz and 12 got involve so I gotta slide. Tht y’all f w me out here. Dam slime. It’s all luv tho.” No more details have been provided on the situation, but Wayne is still set to perform in Cincinnatti on Monday and for the tour’s final show in Camden on Wednesday. 

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