Tim Tebow Angers Entire Internet With Controversial Student Athlete Stance

Tim Tebow was a beloved player in college while playing for the Florida Gators although once he got to the NFL, it was clear he just wasn’t good enough. Tebow’s throwing technique was Uncle Rico-esque and will most likely go down as one of the worst NFL quarterbacks of all-time. Now, Tebow can be found trying to get a baseball career off the ground although it’s not really going too well for him right now. 

Today, Tebow got himself into some trouble while appearing on the ESPN debate shoe First Take. Tebow was on the program to talk about California’s “Fair Pay to Play Act” which was recently voted in. The act would make it so college athletes can be paid and profit off of their likeness being used, specifically in the form of jerseys. As it turns out, Tebow is completely against that and had some strong words about it.

Per Tebow: