Megan Thee Stallion Finally Met Rihanna Last Night; Here's How Fans Reacted

As we get to learn more about Megan Thee Stallion, the budding superstar just gets more and more lovable. The original Hot Girl has been establishing herself as a serious force within the music industry, piling up a slew of diehard fans over the course of a few months. Last year, barely anybody knew who she was. Now, if you mention her name in a crowded room, the majority of people will be able to put a face to her alias. With the release of “Hot Girl Summer,” Meg told the world that she’s ready for her time in the spotlight. Now that Nicki Minaj has retired from music, she may even be setting herself up for some time in the throne. If you’ve listened to any of her interviews, you know that there are a few celebrities she looks up to and last night, she finally met one of them.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Young Tina Snow is adamant that the one person she would faint over is Beyoncé. For years, the Houston native has idolized the singer and we’re all waiting for the incredible moment when they eventually take a few photos together. Another one of Meg’s favs, Rihanna, invited the artist to her annual Diamond Ball and when she walked the red carpet, the Fever rapper didn’t know if she would get the chance to meet Rih. Well, she did and all of her fans rejoiced online.

Some fans hoped for a collaboration between the two while others were just overjoyed that their Hot Girl role model got to live out one of her dreams. Peep the photos above and some reactions below.

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