Big Boi Responds To YesJulz Controverial Comparison Between Outkast & EarthGang

The hip-hop world rarely thinks about YesJulz but when they do, it’s never for a great reason. You may have seen either Big Boi, Andre 3000, or Outkast trending last night. It’s because YesJulz hopped on Twitter to dub EarthGang”the Outkast of this generation only with two Andre’s.” Of course, Twitter let her know that Big Boi is not one to mess with on the mic. They also reminded her that she’s a culture vulture but that’s nothing she hasn’t heard already.

Big Boi was on The Breakfast Club today where he addressed the trending topic started by YesJulz. The legendary member of Outkast said that his son had the same concerns as the rest of us when we saw Outkast trending — someone was dead. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case and Big Boi reassured his son that he’s alright. 

“You’re trending on Twitter. Some white bitch had said something.’ And I was like, ‘Who? What?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, but they killin’ that broad, man,'” Big Boi recalled. “When you…

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