Mexican Court Legalizes Cocaine For Two People

There have been more and more countries and places across the world who’ve embraced the legalization of cannabis. It’s a huge step forward towards the destigmatization towards cannabis and drugs as a whole. However, it looks like Mexico is taking an even greater step towards the progression of society. According to BBC, a judge in Mexico made a huge announcement when the court ruled to legalize recreational cocaine. The thing is, the ruling is on applicable to two people. 

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

Mexico United Against Crime, an organization fighting towards ending the “war on drugs,” said the court in Mexico City ordered health officials in the country, Cofepris, to authorize two individuals to possess cocaine. The ruling allows the two plaintiffs to “possess, transport and use cocaine,” although they are prohibited from selling it. 

Even though it’s a major step forward, it still needs to be approved by a higher court. Cofepris made several attempts to block the ruling, claiming its outside of his legal jurisdiction. A panel of judges will have to review the ruling and side with the decision to legalize cocaine…

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