Young Thug On His Sexuality: "I'm The Straightest Man In The World"

With the release of his new album, Young Thug has been on everybody’s mind this week. The Atlanta-raised rapper is running significantly more press than usual, promoting So Much Fun and even announcing a new body of work during his sit-down with The Fader. As we wait to hear more about Punk and when it’s scheduled to arrive, Thugger was a guest on Big Boy Radio this morning where he spoke his mind about all sorts of things. He touched on some of the major talking points in his career, including his relationship with Lil Wayne, and even cleared up rumors about his sexuality.

Although he’s been romantically linked to Jerrika Karlae for years, Young Thug has been plagued with rumors about his sexual preferences for just as long. Because of how eccentric he is, Thug’s mannerisms are considered to be flamboyant by some, especially when he takes things to new levels by wearing a dress on his cover art. The recording artist has already addressed his sexuality in the past, telling media that he is heterosexual, but he felt the need to reassert himself again today.

“People judge me and people say I’m gay but it’s like, at one point, I probably had more hoes… you know what I’m saying? It’s serious,” he said. “So if people think that I’m gay, they already misjudged me. I’m the…

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