YFN Lucci Attempts To Get Last Word Against Young Thug & His Girlfriend

In just a few short hours, YFN Lucci’s feud against Young Thug has picked up new implications. The two rappers had been going at each other in the shadows for years but after the release of So Much Fun, Atlanta’s Lucci decided to call out the Slime God online. Since then, Lucc has been going up against Jerrika Karlae, Thug’s romantic partner, who he claims to have slept with numerous times. For what it’s worth, Karlae maintains that she has never been in the same bed as the rapper. Jeffery is keeping silent after a few threats were released from his mouth and now, it seems Lucc and Karlae are satisfied with just berating the other on live-streams, stories, and via other means. In his attempt to close out the feud, Reginae Carter’s ex-boyfriend uploaded yet another belittling video where he calls Thug’s girl a liar.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

The rapper recorded a clip of himself smoking a blunt and showing off his jewelry, being sly and adding a small mention directed at Jerrika Karlae. “Lying bitch,” he wrote at the bottom of the screen. Clearly, YFN Lucci is not willing to take a loss in this battle. Karlae has shut…

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