Tory Lanez Gives “Chixtape 5” Update; Says It Will Be On Streaming Services

Tory Lanez has been teasing his Chixtape 5 mixtape for a while now, going back to last year when he first announced the project, but after several delays & setbacks we now have some more information. Tory took to his IG yesterday to give fans an update on the delay, and it’s because he’s clearing the project for streaming service. He says unlike previous Chixtape projects, this one will be on Apple Music and Spotify.

“I need y’all to understand something , THIS ISNT CHIXTAPE 1.2.3 or 4 .. I’ve listened to y’all complain for years “why can’t CHIXTAPE be on Apple or Spotify etc.?! “ and it’s because CLEARING IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A BXTCH … that being said . This time it’s CLEARED,” he wrote.

During his lengthy caption, Tory also revealed that he’s going more R&B for the project too. “Not only is it cleared . But it’s also the RETURN OF #RNBTory .. and that’s nothing to be toyed around with . It had to be calculated and done right .THIS IS THE BEST CHIXTAPE I HAVE EVER MADE,” he added.

Unfortunately he still didn’t clarify when…

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