Tinashe Has Made Us Sad With This One Tweet About Being Sad

Tinashe has had quite the year. From her short-lived relationship with Ben Simmons (that turned into some drama since he dated Kendall Jenner after) to her fantastic run on Dancing With The Stars, her lead role in Rent Live to her more recent split from RCA Records, the “2 On” singer has been constantly dealing with something. Of course, there are the moments in between we don’t know about except for those closest to the singer who can read her true emotions. 

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Tinashe recently shared a tweet that gave her fans a glimpse of where she’s at right now. “Last night I was having so much fun at the club, dancing, getting lit.. and my girl turns to me and says “I can see in your eyes you’re sad” and I wonder how many other people notice,” she wrote. The 26-year-old was bombarded with responses from fans who wished her well and thanked her for opening up about the non-glamorous days. 

“Thank you for your transparency, we never know what people are going through. As a sidenote, we do notice how incredibly beautiful and talented you are, your gift is an inspiration. Keep shining,” one user wrote.