Conway & Benny The Butcher Snap During Crazy L.A. Leakers Freestyle

There’s a perception that lyrics don’t matter anymore. There’s also a perception that rappers don’t even care about lyrics anymore. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. In an era that heavily relies on melodies, there are still a ton of rappers that are still putting in that work. Griselda Records is home of some of the most impressive lyricists of this new era of music. Benny The Butcher, Conway, and Westside Gunn have been having a great year so far, gaining the respect of the rap game and beyond along the way. Conway and Benny The Butcher recently pulled up to L.A. Leakers studio where they laid down some of the hottest verses of the summer alongside Rick Hyde.

If you weren’t sold on Griselda, you just might be after watching Conway and Benny The Butcher’s latest freestyle. Rick Hyde heats things up before Benny swings in dropping straight heat. Reminding everyone about the value on authenticity, he takes small shots at rapper’s who are more concerned with jewels than getting money. “I was frontin’ a n***a work and I was half his age/ I ran around with nappy braids, sellin’ dog food, crack, and cane,” he raps. “I don’t like these n***as, I forget these rappers names/ Guess being don’t matter to ’em since you can’t get that appraised.”

After Benny closes his verse off,…

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