Quality Control's P Speaks On City Girl JT's Prison Sentence

Quality Control has been keeping their presence felt, most recently culminating in their compilatory Control The Streets: Volume 2. With features from Migos, Lil Baby, City Girls, Lil Yachty, DaBaby, and many more, the label clearly has no intention on slowing their breakneck pace – even if it means breaking the inherent promise of their namesake. While some feel as if the QC brand has diluted of late, others welcome the prolific drop rate. And look for it to get even more hectic upon JT’s release, and the City Girls reunion transpires in full.

Image via HNHH

Today, QC CEOs Coach K and P sat down with Rosenberg, Laura, and Ebro to discuss a variety of topics. Eventually, conversation turned to the incarcerated JT; though Yung Miami has been holding it down accordingly, the City Girls haven’t quite felt the same since she’s been gone. Luckily, P confirms that she’ll be right back to work the moment she touches down. “When JT come home she going to the halfway house,” confirms P, around the 34-minute mark. “But the great thing about the halfway house is they let you go on work release, so soon as she’s out she’s gonna be locked in the studio working,” explains P, providing a silver lining to the situation.

“Hopefully she’ll be out next month,” he suggests. “In a few weeks if everything go how it’s…

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