Trina Sets The Record Straight: "There Is No Beef Between Me & Nicki Minaj"

Twenty-four hours ago, Trina announced that she would be taking to Instagram Live to clear up rumors that she had issues with Nicki Minaj. Over the past few days, there has been chatter from Trina’s A&R, Reginald Saunders, and her Love & Hip Hop Miami star cousin, Bobby Lytes, about Nicki’s alleged deceptive behaviors. It all reportedly stemmed from Nicki’s feature on Trina’s recently released album The One as the pair joined forces on a track titled “BAPS.” Some allege that Nicki did little to help promote the song, but according to Trina, that just isn’t true.

“My team speaking out…my team got so much to say,” the rapper stated on Live. “Imma take the blame for my team ’cause guess what? Me and my team, we dropped the ball. Bad business is what’s causing all of this havoc to happen. All of this nonsense. All of this drama, this feelings, this personal…everybody got an opinion. That’s what it is. It’s bad business. It has nothing to do with any artist that’s featured on my album.”

Trina said she would never speak about this in the future and made it clear that she has no problem with the Queen emcee. “But you’re not gonna disrespect nobody. Another female artist, you’re not gonna disrespect Nicki Minaj or nobody else that’s on my album because these people did this off my face and my favor. They did it because of my relationship with them. I don’t appreciate, I don’t condone, I don’t give the approval for anybody—no man, stay out of girls’ sh*t. Don’t come sideways…

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