Kelly Oubre Jr. Cozies Up To Smoking Hot Model GF During Date Night

Kelly Oubre Jr is one of those NBA players who is known for his dashing good looks and at times, he is pursued in the comments of his Instagram comments for it. At times, it’s actually men who make these comments and it’s become an inside joke amongst the internet that Oubre Jr is the most attractive dude in the entire NBA. Either way, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he is able to date beautiful women and recently, it was rumored that he started seeing Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Jasmine Sanders. Sanders recently became the SI Swimsuit Rookie Of The Year and has seen a ton of success over the last little while.

According to TMZ, Oubre Jr. and Sanders were recently spotted holding hands while leaving a club recently. Based on the photo, it appears as though the two are serious about each other and are comfortable with going public with their union.

While Oubre Jr. is probably happy to be dating Sanders, he also has a huge season coming up with the Phoenix Suns. The Suns have…

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