Sarah Silverman Says She Got Fired From A Film Production Over "Blackface Sketch"

During a recent episode of The Bill Simmons Podcast, Sarah Silverman revealed that she was dismissed from a film project after the producer’s discovered her regrettable “blackface sketch” from 2007.  Silverman admitted that hindsight is 20/20; had she known better, the segment would have never aired.

“I recently was going to do a movie, a sweet part,” she said, “then, at 11 pm the night before, they fired me because they saw a picture of me in blackface from that episode.”

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

At the time, Silverman didn’t have it in her to plead for her role back, she was disheartened by her actions (in the past). When asked to comment on the controversial sketch by a GQ correspondent, Silverman could not do anything but rebuke her former self. “I’m horrified by it, and I can’t erase it. I can only be changed by it and move on,” she told GQ.


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