Rob Kardashian Puts Blame On Blac Chyna In Cyberbullying Case

Pilot Jones is still aggressively going after Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, accusing the former couple of outing him to the world and sharing his phone number and email leading to a number of death threats. Pilot is suing the duo and asking for $500K for emotional distress, $250K for the damage caused within his family, $250K for past and future medical expenses as well as $600K for lost earnings and $7,200 for lost rent.

We previously posted about Blac’s fight to get the case dropped, detailing how Pilot’s sexuality was known much before she let it slip and denying any wrongdoing. The Blast now reports that Rob has responded to the case himself and says he didn’t out Pilot and any bad behaviour is from Blac.

Greg Doherty/Getty Images 

“I have never been friends with or an acquaintance of Jones. I never conspired with Ms. White or anyone else to “execute a campaign of cyberbullying against Jones,” he added,…

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