Colin Cowherd Rips NBA Media For Coddling Stars Like Kevin Durant

Colin Cowherd is an analyst who has never been one to mince words. If he has something to say, he’s going to say it and today, Cowherd had some words for the NBA media and how they’ve treated Kevin Durant since leaving the Golden State Warriors. As Cowherd explained, Durant should have been heavily criticized for his decision to leave the Warriors and that the media is too scared of NBA superstars. The FS1 host thinks reporters are worried about losing their relationships and this has led to some lackluster journalism where analysts are backing away from making any kind of serious critiques.

Per Cowherd:

“I didn’t think Kevin Durant took enough heat for leaving Golden State. We would crush Derek Jeter for leaving the star-studded Yankees. We’d mock [Tom] Brady for leaving [Bill] Bellichick. NBA media in my opinion coddles its players because stars run the league and none of the reporters wanna get ghosted by the top players, so they suck up to ’em. Everybody is petrified of offending the NBA star. They’re grown men, they make their own decisions, they can handle criticism. This is why Adam Silver says ‘our players are…

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