Meek Mill Faces New Judge For His 2008 Gun Charges

When it was announced that Meek Mill would have his previous conviction thrown out, the Philadelphia rapper breathed a major sigh of relief. For his entire adult life, he had been on probation and any little violation would send him back to prison. For years, Meek was working with a judge that was seemingly biased against him, even asking him to shout her out in a Nicki Minaj song at one point. Well, enough was finally enough and the Philly DA decided to remove Judge Genece Brinkley from his case, offering the rapper a chance to finally not be considered a felon. Today begins his new journey as Meek arrived in court to face a new judge in his 2008 gun case.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Meek and his legal team are confident that he will not be tried again in relation to his 2008 arrest and with a new official presiding over the case, the artist has more of a fair shot. Meek is still unsure whether his case will be thrown out entirely or if he will go back on trial but that will be determined later this month. Judge Leon Tucker was in the courthouse today to take over Meek’s case, noting that both sides will return on August 27 for a status hearing. 

It is being reported…

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