Six California Homes Receive Eviction Notice After Rap Video Shoot

An eviction notice can be received for a number of different reasons but it’s not every day they get sent out due to the filming of a rap video that’s been deemed to have ties to “criminal or wrongful activity.” The latter happened in Seaside, California at the Del Monte Manor housing complex. Six homes received an eviction after they participated in “an unauthorized and unpermitted film project involving what appeared to be a music video on the premises.”

According to Monterey County Weekly, the video is called “We Crippin” and features rappers N.Sane Ready and Da Bigg Homie but was quickly taken down on June 16th but not before police archived it. Apparently, the video opens with aerial footage of the housing complex with an apparent high budget. The lyrical content is said to be a response to the killing of Tremain Calloway several days earlier, who was shot by Crips gang members that police have arrested and charged. 

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is aware of the six evictions…

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