Post Malone Stunned After Receiving News Of El Paso Shooting

Post Malone has been busy touring the world, and as a result, the megastar found himself checked out from current events in his home country. Sadly, said events happened to include a pair of tragic shootings, including one in his home city of El Paso. Upon returning to U.S. soil, Posty was met by a TMZ cameraman, who happened to serve as the bearer of bad news. As Post approaches to field questions in his usual affable fashion, he’s subsequently hit with the bombshell; you can see his face fall as he tries to process the news. 

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Upon hearing that twenty people were killed in an El Paso Wal Mart, Post can only utter an incredulous “really? Shit!” As he’s asked how the community might bounce back, Posty gathers his thoughts. “I mean, I know Texas is super strong, and there’s a lot of fucking evil in the world,” he says. “What we can do is be there for each other. Stay strong and be there for the families and be there for everyone, and keep kicking ass.”

Still, the weight of the tragedy proves difficult for him to understand. “Damn, that’s wild,” he says. “I’ve been in Japan all week. This is wild.” When asked how America might be able to fix the gun control…

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