Future Selling $23K Worth Of His Designer Clothing To Fans

Future is one of the best dressers in the game. What’s special about his swag is that it’s truly unique. You don’t see too many rappers tucking their t-shirts into their trousers and dressing in a casual-chic manner but Big Fewtch is out here creating that wave. If ever you’ve wanted to buy a piece from his personal collection but you weren’t able to find it, you might end up getting lucky this week because Grailed just announced a partnership with Future to sell a bunch of his most iconic clothes.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

The Atlanta veteran loves to wear flashy jackets, brand-laden belt buckles and tight pants. His style is not comparable to anybody else in the game and though his vibe is inimitable, you can try to look as good as the “Mask Off” rapper through his Grailed collection. The resale website announced that Future’s “Free Wishes” sale would begin at the end of this week, offering several items from the artist’s closet for purchase. Right now, there’s only a preview of what we can expect but out of the selection, a floral Gucci puffer jacket stands out in terms of the outerwear while a…

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