Drake's "Care Package" Sets A Welcome Precedent For Other Rappers

Last night, Drakecame through and delivered Care Package, a collection of previously released songs (many of which developed into fan-favorites with a healthy YouTube shelf-life). While not quite new per se, the project still carried an aura of importance. For one, it marked a transitionary phase for many deep cuts; fans likely resigned themselves to a lifetime of bouncing between YouTube and their chosen streaming platform, all in the name of hearing Drizzy deep cuts. In this age of playlists and convenience, such cross-platform experiences are hardly ideal. And that’s not even mentioning the artists, stuck missing out on potential streaming revenues, especially when the tracks perform as well as those on Drizzy’s Care Package. 

In truth, it’s fate hip-hop fans have become long familiar with. Consider that “5AM In Toronto,” a song many Drake fans consider to be among his best, has been incapable of joining its brethren on Drake centric-playlists until this point. Yet for whatever reason, he took notice. Perhaps it was  the unsecured bag, or a genuine desire to connect with his fans on a deeper level; after all, he did caption the announcement with “some of our most important moments together available in one place.” Regardless, Drake went the extra mile by packaging the project with enough care to feel special. Which is to say, he pieced together a sequence and official album artwork, enough to pass an eye test from afar.

Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

In the wake of Care Package, one has to wonder if his fellow rappers will take notice. Enough rappers have deep catalogs of b-sides, leaks, and loosies, many of which would benefit from a new home. Consider Kanye West, and the fact that “Christian Dior Denim Flow” has yet to make the transition to streaming – hell, why isn’t the entire “GOOD FRIDAY” movement available? Given the cultural significance of its impact, you’d think Mr. West would deem it worthy. And what about Eminem’s “Straight From The Lab EP,” or any one of his unreleased Relapse 2 cuts? Given that people are still discovering those tracks to this day, maybe Slim should get Paul on the phone and explore the possibility of another revenue stream.

Should Drake have indeed kicked off a new trend, it might just be his most noble endeavor thus far. Either way, the fans are more than happy to revisit Care Package yet again. Check out some of the reactions below.