Gaslamp Killer Drops Lawsuit Against Rape Accuser, Issues Joint Statement

Gaslamp Killer, a producer from L.A., was hit with accusations of drugging and raping two women in 2017. Since then, his career took a major hit. He was a resident DJ at Low End Theory in Los Angeles but they dropped him following the accusations of rape. After one woman, Chelsea Tadros’, came forward with allegations, he sued her for defamation. He denied the allegations, saying, “would never drug a woman, and I would never put anyone in a situation where they were not in control, or take anything that they weren’t offering.” However, he’s now dropped his lawsuit against his accuser as they choose to “move on with their lives and put this lawsuit behind them.”

Gaslamp Killer and Tadros issued a joint statement this week. The DJ revealed that he’ll be dropping the lawsuit while a discussion took place with himself and Tadros. 

“Mr. Bensussen discussed with Ms. Tadros the events of July 5, 2013 to understand the basis for her Twitter post on October 12, 2017. Mr. Bensussen did this in good faith as an earnest effort to resolve this issue. After their discussions, Ms. Tadros acknowledges she does not know who drugged her, and both parties recognize that Ms. Tadros could have been drugged by one of the many attendees that were present on July 5, 2013,” he statement reads. “Ms. Tadros continues to maintain that she was drugged and thereby unable to consent on July 5, 2013. Mr. Bensussen maintains that he has never drugged or raped anyone, and that he did not have any…

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