Drake & Chris Brown's "No Guidance" Spawns Petty Drake Meme

Drake and Chris Brown have an interesting history together as collaborators. They’ve linked up a few times on wax but their lust for Rihanna left them bitter with one another. There was that one time where Drake allegedly locked himself in a bathroom after a fight broke out between his crew and Breezy’s. But those days are over and Rihanna’s moved onto a man whose net worth is more than Drake’s and Breezy’s combined.

Anyways, the two artists dropped off their new video for Breezy’s Indigo single, “No Guidance” on Friday. Considering the anticipation for the collaboration, the two dropped off a nine-minute music video for the song that results in an equally hilarious and cringe-worthy dance battle between Drake and Chris Brown. That being said, Drake’s participation in the music video has now resulted in a new meme that has taken over the Twitter timeline. 

If you fast forward to the 3:27 mark in the music video, Drake and Chris Brown finally get face to face before Breezy calls for a dance-battle. Now, we all know who the better dancer is in the scenario but we also know who the better actor between the two is. Needless to say, Drake’s comedic chops come out, sarcastically saying, “Ooo wow.” Thus creating the latest meme on the timeline.

Check out some of the best ones below.