Chance The Rapper Has Spent Over $30,000 On Postmates & $4,000 On Tips

It’s nothing new that celebrities spend big bucks when it comes to their food deliveries. Kylie Jenner’s total Postmates bill was over $10K back in 2018, and  Post Malone’s was a whopping $40K. Some celebs’ bills are so insane, in fact, that Postmates have even created a series called The Receipt where they share some of your favorite stars’ strangest requests and favorite orders. The latest feature of the show is none other than Chicago rapper, Chance The rapper, who’s reportedly spent over $30,000 dollars in Postmates deliveries – as well as $4,000 in tips.

The company shares how Chance started getting deliveries from them from way back in 2015, accumulating a total bill that blows all other celebs spending habits on the service out the water. With hiis new album, The Big Day, having just dropped yesterday, Chance had to keep himself and his team fueled in the studio. The company reports that while he was working on the album, Chance would be stocking up on fresh croissants, cake and coffee. His very first order was for chicken wings from Harold’s Chicken Shack back in March 4, of 2015, and since then he’s piled up a total of 632 orders for 1,992 items…

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