Lil Wayne Ordered To Pay Former Chef $35K Over Outstanding Bill

Lil Wayne has a few lawsuits on his plate that he’s dealing with right now. Of course, his battle with Young Money came to an end last year but he’s still in a legal battle with his former lawyer on allegations that he was overcharged for the legal services. Unfortunately, he’s also been at the receiving end of a lawsuit from his former personal chef who claimed that he refused to pay up an outstanding balance to the tune of $35K. Now, a judge has ordered Weezy to cough up the money after he failed to respond to the lawsuit, according to Bossip.

D’Antoine Hill sued Weezy over breach of contract earlier this year on claims that Wayne and Young Money refused to cough up the remaining $35K from a $416,544 total balance for the culinary services. Wayne allegedly only paid $381,954 and refused to pay up the remainder of the money. Since Weezy didn’t respond to the suit, a Miami Civil Court judge hit the…

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