Tyler, The Creator Spits Hilarious, Eyebrow-Raising Bars On Funkmaster Flex

Today, man of the summerTyler, The Creator made a surprising appearance on Funkmaster Flex’ show, holding it down with both an interview and freestyle. Prior to snapping, Tyler prefaces with a PSA to anyone listening. “Ya’ll are Geek, Goop, Nerd, Fuck,” he declares, prompting Flex to giggle like a schoolboy (“he said goop!”). As the beat kicks in, Tyler rattles off a list of aliases, including the likes of “Beef Loaf,” before going off the dome like a true boss. “Ay, free Rocky, free Rakim,” he spits. “I might fly to Swe-den to free him, braid my wig, A$AP tat on my ribs / switch with him, then I can fuck all the Sweden men that I wanna, actually I’m gonna / heat it up real quick motherfucka I’m Lebron-a.” 

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Given that Flex is somewhat of a purist, it’s unclear how willing he is to accept Tyler’s goofy approach to the craft. Yet eventually, Tyler switches into “Wolf” mode at just the right time, winning over his new friend in the process. “Listen Flex, we just met but I know it don’t seem, like R. Kelly wet dreams I always keep sixteens, n***a,” he spits, pondering his next batch of bars. “Me and Flex looking in the index, for buff net n***as just for some hot butt sex.” Flex’s eyes widen, the “pause” all but dying on his lips. “What made you go with that verse?” he questions, in a state of shock. 

Though his delivery is unconventional, there’s something uniquely dope about seeing Tyler’s approach to…

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