Vic Mensa's Charity May Lose Space After Landlord Reviles "Camp America"

Vic Mensa hoped to raise awareness regarding the abysmal condition in ICE detention facilities, especially for children, with his music video for “Camp America.” Mensa made the artistic decision to feature what he calls “America’s prized white children” in the visual to show the disparity in treatment.

“Families have reported being left with no option but to drink toilet water,” he previously told MSNBC. “Kids have been sexually assaulted. All of these things that are obviously just human rights violations, but are looked over because they’re done to people of color and they’re done to immigrants that are poor [and] are coming from war-torn countries.”

Not everyone believed that the 93PUNX visual was appropriate, including the landlord to the building that houses Mensa’s charity Save Money, Save Life Foundation. “So today, were unloading trucks from @complexcon @ our office in Little Village when the landlord begins harassing the director of my nonprofit,” Mensa tweeted. “He told her that I was a ‘disgusting pig’ cause of the Camp America video and threatened if we didnt leave to be ‘hostile’.”

Mensa went on to say that the landlord called the music video “racist against white people” and said he didn’t care about what happened at the border. There was also allegedly a sign in his office that stated anyone who didn’t speak English should return to Mexico. “Keep in mind that all the kids in the video were accompanied by parents and were hired professionally,” Mensa continued. “Keep in mind that this man owns apartments all thru Little Village, one of Chicago’s largest Latinx communities, yet cares nothing about the oppression they face.” Check out the full story, including a photo of the landlord, below.

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