Logan Paul's Bizarre Interview Prompts Confused Twitter Reactions From Public

YouTube comedian Logan Paul is known for his outlandish and often controversial antics, but no one expected for his interview with Fox News to be the trending topic on social media. Paul makes upwards to millions of dollars per year from his viral videos but tells the outlet that he could be on the verge of going broke.

“My expenses just surpassed my income for the first time ever,” he said. “I just sat with my financial manager and he told me that. I’m definitely going downhill from here.” He still boasts nearly 20 million YouTube followers, but after visiting Japan’s infamous “suicide forest” and filming the body of a man who allegedly killed himself, there was public outrage. Cancel Culture came for the internet star.

Logan now says he’s an “ex-controversial YouTuber” who is also the “fastest man on the planet.” When speaking about his popularity, Logan describes himself as “everywhere, I’m everywhere, baby. I’m like a ghost.” He ranted about having pink eye, first stating that it wasn’t contagious before backtracking on his comments. At one point he looks around and seems a tad out of his element, but it’s unclear as to whether he’s trolling, has a bad case of jetlag, or was just having an off day.

Twitter users, of course, reacted to Paul’s strange interview. Check out a few social media responses below along with Paul’s Fox News feature.