Dolphins Coach Plays Jay-Z Songs At Practice To ’Challenge’ WR Kenny Stills

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills is among those who have criticized Jay-Z in the wake of his partnership with the NFL. Earlier this week, Stills questioned comments Jay-Z made during the partnership's introductory news conference, and said he wished the hip-hop mogul would have reached out to him, or Colin Kaepernick, beforehand. Just one day after Stills stated his… Continue reading

Air Jordan 4 “What The” Colorway Releasing With Nike Air Branding

Jordan Brand has already released a plethora of Air Jordan 4s this year in celebration of the silhouette's 30th anniversary, including some all-time classics and unreleased designs. And they're not done yet, as reports have surfaced that a "What The" Air Jordan 4 mashup will be releasing in November. The brand new colorway features elements from each… Continue reading

Warner Bros. Confirm “Matrix 4” With Keanu Reeves

It appears there’s another Matrix movie on the way. Warner Bros. announced yesterday that Keanu Reeves will be returning to play his role as Neo in the 4th installment in the Matrix series. In addition, Carrie-Anne Moss will also reprise her role as Trinity too."We could not be more excited to be re-entering The Matrix with… Continue reading

Diddy & His Kids Deliver Emergency PSA On The Amazon Wildfire

If you were unaware, there’s been a massive wildfire burning down the Amazon rainforest over the past few weeks that sadly the Brazilian government can’t control. The fire is burning at a record rate and damaging the rainforest right before our eyes, yet most Americans haven’t heard a thing about it. Well one person that’s… Continue reading

James Harden Thinks Giannis Won MVP Because Of Media Narrative

James Harden averaged 36 points a game last season, but that wasn’t good enough for him to win this year’s NBA Most Value Player. That award went to Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, who also had a monstrous season. However, James doesn’t think Giannis had a better year than him statistically, but believes politics played a… Continue reading

Mexican Court Legalizes Cocaine For Two People

There have been more and more countries and places across the world who've embraced the legalization of cannabis. It's a huge step forward towards the destigmatization towards cannabis and drugs as a whole. However, it looks like Mexico is taking an even greater step towards the progression of society. According to BBC, a judge in… Continue reading

4 Students Shot At Block Party Near Atlanta Clark University

According to reports, four college students were wounded last night when a gunman opened fire into a crowd of 200 people near Clark Atlanta University. The incident happened a little after 10:30 PM last night outside a library that serves Clark Atlanta and other nearby historically black colleges.Apparently an argument broke out between two parties and… Continue reading