Jadakiss' All-Crust Pizza Order Will Have You Mirroring His Iconic Laugh

The juries verdict is in. Jadakiss’ now-viral pizza order has been officially deemed among the “Top 5 Dead Or Alive Strangest Pizzas.” Legendary though he may be, Jada’s “crust-only” take on the deconstructed pizza has been raising more than a few eyebrows. Now, Jadakiss is a noted health-connoisseur, so he’s long sworn off the cheese. Still, that hasn’t stopped fans from taking the piss outta the Lox icon, after Cuts And Slices pizzeria put his most recent creation on display. Behold, the Jadakiss special:

“Special request for @therealkiss ❗️ Who else like Crust only?” writes the pizza spot, sharing the ring of dough for all to see. Though crust is an integral piece of the puzzle, and those who don’t eat it should think twice before laughing at Kiss, it’s rare to see someone so committed to the outer rim. Complex points out that the image was originally captured in 2018, and brought to attention by Cuts And Slices CEO Randy Mclaren. Yet for whatever reason, Cuts and Slices decided it was time to bring the doughy-ring back into the spotlight, prompting glee from the Twitter-sphere at large.

Maybe Jadakiss is onto something, and the world shouldn’t knock it until they try it? But tradition is difficult to break, especially where something as sublime as pizza is concerned. Would you ever consider trying “The Jada?” And if so, are you haggling before placing your order?

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