Burger King Sweden Releases New Vegan Burgers, Alongside A Challenge For Customers

Amidst all the A$AP Rocky drama going on in Sweden right now, Burger Kind Sweden has come out with a challenge to promote their new, meat-alternative burgers. The international fast food chain’s Scandinavian branches, have embraced new, plant-based burger options, which they’ve initiated at several American outposts. And as a way to promote the alleged “indistinguishable” animal-friendly alternatives, they’ve come up with a challenge for customers.

Their plant-based burgers are remakes of the classic Whopper, and Chicken King sandwiches, aptly named Rebel Whopper and Rebel Chicken King. *As a side note, it’s worth to note that although both sandwiches are made with 0 meat, they are still fried in the same deep fryer as chicken and fish items – though the company’s website confirms that the Rebel Whopper can alternatively, be cooked in a microwave to avoid contamination. As well as this, if you’re looking for a completely vegan option, you should make sure to specify that they hold the mayo – which contains eggs.* As part of their Marketing initiative, the fast-food chain has offered burger fans an audacious challenge in the form of its 50/50 menu. The idea is that anyone who orders the Whopper, or Chicken King off the menu, will be given either the original sandwich or its plant-based variant, with the goal to prove to…

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