JR Smith Was Reportedly Offered To The Warriors For Andre Iguodala

Ever since JR Smith made one of the worst plays in NBA history during the 2018 NBA Finals, it was clear that his days with the Cleveland Cavaliers would be numbered. After just 11 games this past season, the team him on the bench and he hasn’t played a single minute since. The team has been trying to trade Smith to another team, although it hasn’t worked out for them as they haven’t been able to find a willing trade partner. Part of Smith’s contract becomes guaranteed as of today which means the Cavs will have to eat it and cut him from the team. 

In a report from Chris Fedor of Cleveland.com, the Cavs tried to send Smith to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for Andre Iguodala. Iggy was eventually traded to the Memphis Grizzlies and will most likely be on the move again.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

“The Cavs offered lighter protections to the Golden…

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