Wendy Williams Calls Lil Kim "An Icon" Following Rapper's Messy Media Comments

The first half of 2019 may have been a rough season for Wendy Williams, but she’s back in full force. Recently, Lil Kim took to her Instagram Live to share with fans that she was perturbed with media outlets. The rapper said that she was shutting down her press rounds because there were two outlets that were being messy, one of whom was Watch What Happens Live with Bravo’s Andy Cohen.

“Two of the major outlets want it to be messy,” Kim said. “My publicist and my manager made the executive decision to shut it down. At this point it’s about me, I’m that bitch. Nothing else. I refuse to fu*king keep doing all of these interviews, publications, all that shit, if mutherf*ckas is not going to respect who I am. What I’ve done. Where I’m at now. Put some fuckin’ respect on my name, period.”

Just 24 hours after Kim’s birthday, Wendy Williams used her platform to share her thoughts about the Queen Bee’s notice of a media blackout. Williams played a clip of Kim’s Instagram Live and then said, “When you were to come on Wendy, I already knew even before your publicist or you, whoever was going to try to lay down some laws of what I can’t ask, I wasn’t going to dwell on plastic surgery, but I would make mention.”

Willaims didn’t verify that Kim was scheduled to appear on her show, but she continued, “There’s no way to get around plastic surgery, there’s no way to get around allegations of skin bleaching, there’s no way to get around stuff…but I wasn’t dwelling on that. I was…

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