Remy Ma Says Brittney Taylor Has Been Harassing Her Daughter

The court case against Remy Ma rages on, but now it’s the rapper who is accusing Brittney Taylor of harassment. For those out of the loop, here’s a quick recap: Earlier this year, Love & Hip Hop New York star Brittney Taylor alleged that while at a Pretty Lous Benefit Concert, her reality television co-star punched her in the face without provocation. Remy’s friends have come to her defense, including Fat Joe who was at the event and publicly stated that “it never happened” and “she’s totally innocent.”

Taylor said that she was having a conversation with Remy about her Remy’s daughter, a friend of Taylor’s, and how Taylor came to her friend’s defense when she was in an alleged previous physical altercation with an unnamed man. Remy reportedly told Taylor that her version of the story wasn’t true before hitting her and allegedly giving Taylor a black eye.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Remy was arrested and charged with assault, and because she’s on parole until August, if convicted the rapper is looking at serious jail time. However, according to Remy, Taylor has been meddling in the case by repeatedly attempting to get in contact with Remy’s daughter. The rapper’s lawyer Dawn Florio said that Taylor “has actively been calling my client’s daughter as well as tagging her on social media,”…

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