Parents Of R. Kelly "Sex Slaves" Fear Suicide Pact Involving Their Daughters

Gerald Griggs, the attorney representing Joycelyn Savage’s parents, has informed TMZ that R. Kelly may have cast his client’s daughter under a “suicide pact.” Joycelyn was living with R. Kelly in his Trump Tower apartment in Chicago, up until this week when they were evicted, after the feds ran a sweep, then proceeded to seal off the premises until further notice. Azriel Clary is the other “consenting” individual who shared the space with Savage and R. Kelly, in a presumed lover’s triangle.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Griggs’ wasn’t resolute in describing the “suicide pact” as a foregone conclusion. If anything, Griggs’ presumption isn’t hard to discern, in its intentions, for sole responsibilities are to Joycelyn’s parents, and their wish to free their daughter from their alleged captivity. There’s a chance a federal prosecutor will read the TMZ posting, and find it plausible enough for immediate action. The problem is, by law, Joycelyn and Azriel Clary have the agency to do as they…

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